Whole meal pastry with brown rice and broccoli filling.     Advertisements

   Join ZEST for a great cup of morning tea ! 

Lean French dough layered with roasted vegetables shaped into a crown. Baked in a very hot oven    and served with pesto sauce. 

Chicken & vegetable curries with steamed rice, pickles and fresh coriander. Always a winner !   

vegetables galore in our curries!  

The “Big Daddy” has arrived. Full English breakfast now available everyday before school.    

Black Bread Day Bread has two main categories handmade and not-handmade.  In 1961 the Chorleywood Baking Research Association (CBRA) in England, gave the world Chorleywood Bread Process (CBP), and changed the bread making process for ever…many will say this was a bad year from Bread. When you hand make bread you make your mix, kneed […]